You see…..

I have been doing something with my time…

The Atlantic Conference

Click the pic to download.

I mentioned a short while ago that Lee Majors+I were trying to link up and make something happen…its here.

This is the perfect- “I wanna wake up early, wash my car, get a haircut, hit the record store, clean my house, call the lady that makes me feel good, invite her over and serenade her” timeless music… all before 12pm… that same chronological order.

now you can go here

to get a better understanding of whats about to go down…this wont be the end.

 I swear I seriously have a thing for Mercy(Warriors) and Adrian (Rocky 3+4 ONLY!)


“See…what had happened was….

I was supposed to post this on Monday on MLK day….

As I was uploading the pictures to post; I literally fell asleep with the laptop on- Narcoleptic Style..

Tuesday I was a little busy…Watching the world embrace Obama the way they did yesterday afternoon was more than anything I couldve ever imagined. What I didnt like was everybody stating claims that they are now “proud to be an American” all of a sudden..Thats pretty much bullshit..He didnt start working yet, and if the single thought of just HAVING a new person in the office determines your view on America- then you’re a goddamn fool…Work needs to be done. Yes I think he can do it, but the world also thought Yinka Dare “could do it” and  be the cure for the Nets back in the day as their 1st overall round draft pick…Lets just keep the faith.

Back to the subject at hand.

MLK fought for racial equality…and in some cases his hopes are coming to a reality (SOME CASES)

Even in music

So last Friday…


Individually numbered…497 out of 1000

No big deal..I’m sure you have yours too right?


…See, we could work together..just as good as Dr King always wished for


Am I the only person…

that used to watch American Gladiator on Saturday afternoons, and remembers this commercial?

You had to have been a Saturday afternoon TV watching,  “the basketball card store isn’t open yet”,NBA Jam studying, BMX chain popping, Soul Train Dancing, toaster struedel eating young’n to remember 30 seconds of this..

Billie Dee Williams had all the ladies..

Yea, I said toaster struedel…back when Nerfs had the “pick up and tackle” game on lock.



Still no 45’s

“The case of the missing 45’s” continues where I see another package at my door as I walk in from work..

missing 45sIts going on 2-3 weeks now I believe..Obviously 45’s wont come in this size box..

????????This will definately hold me over until they come though.


Instant cookout classic…I know its winter time, but I swear I wanted to spin this on New Years with some friends..Cherrelle and Alexander O’Neal held us down wayyyyy back in the day with Saturday love. Some people can incorporate a song with a setting; this is instantly a “Saturday morning, clean your house, and fry some chicken” type of song…

Original press from 84′ (Not that it was such a long time ago; especially if I’m waiting for 45’s) but the browning on the sides makes it that much better…Shit, I was born in 84′.

Don’t act like you don’t wanna dance with me.

My 45’s?, my 45’s?, my 45’s?

My 45’s?, my 45’s?, my 45’s?My 45’s?, my 45’s?, my 45’s?My 45’s?, my 45’s?, my 45’s?My 45’s?, my 45’s?, my 45’s?My 45’s?, my 45’s?, my 45’s?My 45’s?, my 45’s?, my 45’s?My 45’s?, my 45’s?, my 45’s?My 45’s?, my 45’s?, my 45’s?

Came home, seen some mail, and a package with my name on it…

my 45's?

I brought about 14 45’s last week on my lunch break, and couldnt wait to give em a spin…

but..this isnt what I’ve been waiting for..


I remembered I saw this the other night and couldnt help but to pick up….may not be anything to you, but I find this something rare, timeless, and golden..


Its called “Behind the Beat”….they dont really talk  much in the book, its mostly pictures of some of our favorite producers makeshift studios in which thier music is basically……produced?…

Some of our favorites open their doors to explore their area; they say a few words and means more than a long story with the clear pics people. I’m talking empty rooms, with 1 1200, a stack of vinyl on cinderblocks and an ashtray…

Hey…if it gets the job done..


The only issue I had with this book was they didnt get a chance to step in Pete Rocks area…or Marley Marls.

but, it DID come with a free CD in the back of the book so they made up for being incomplete.

Of course Premier had his few pages of what was once called D&D studios…but now he legally owns it, changed it to Headquarters in memory of he and Guru’s homeboy who passed away a while back…

I’m not a crazy Dilla fan, but after seeing his few pages, sorta made me feel a little weird…dude had beats for years..

Syracuse is about to whoop on some Georgetown ass in 2 minutes….peeeeeeeace

Big East basketball is the BEST.

Had a convo today with my cousin…

He’s about 8 years older, and he didnt believe this is something I remembered…

I even  remembered the African American College hoodies they had on…I always wanted the Grambling  joint, because they had the sickest uniforms back in the day. RIP Coach Eddie Robinson.

Im still confident in a Gang Starr reunion..


“Oh no he didnt”…Oh yes I did.

Longest time in between a post ever. Last time we spoke was right before you smoked that last cig, drunk your last cup of cheap ass Bacardi 151, and decided to give your bum ass ex boyfriend/girlfriend a round in bed.- I hope you guys/ladies partied your unstable lives away last week, and plan on doing it this week to not only neglect your week long resolution, but also to waste more time on earth..Its all good right?….Theres always next year.

“Dollar bins for days” with me since that bright ass ball dropped. “4-3-2-1…..”- I’m behind 2 sets trying to replace a pair of new head shells. About 6 minutes into your new year,  Dilated Peoples “Worst comes to Worst” spun over and over for about a good 20-30 minutes as I reflected on my 2008. Very rough, but I know what Im really working towards. Despite sudden deaths, not so sudden deaths, murders, close friends behind bars, breakups, hook ups, fuck ups, make ups,  laughs, frowns and dealing with much more, I really do realize that this is all of whats actually been a part of me as long as I’ve sat and realized it.  Fuck it..raw..with no birth control patch, in her mothers own nature; the way I’m dealing with this game called life.

Besides that, everythings been just as good as im making it as of recent. As I mentioned before, I’ve had my hands in those dollar bins more often…Found me the original Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO) “Computer Games” joint Saturday afternoon…Sometimes I wonder what credentials do these record store owners go by to create their dollar bin. Im only 24, but because of how I grew up and how much my family is into music, I seriously have came to the conclusion that this is one thing that I’ll probably never give up. And I DO plan on finding these rarities as long as the world keeps revolving…for the LOW…The internet will rape you when it comes to buying vinyl.

Speaking of rape n stuff…You guys can rape me (financially) if you have old records that you would want to get rid of anytime. Im not down to grade your material, if it spins; its fine with me. Any genre. Email me at:


Its all linked to my blackberry so any email is fine.

….what else has been going on?

Talking to my homeboy Lee Majors about how me doing this blog really isnt necessary…he hits me with the old school 1989 guidance conselour shit:

Lee says: didn’t ur mother always tell you u are unique

 I believe that has somewhat truth behind it, but its hard to know that I can sit here and tell you what goes down in my life, what I do in my spare time, what music I listen to, how many times Lolo has caught me listening to the same GangStarr album, what sports teams I like, which dudes girl I was with last night, and probably see the same shit on someone elses blog!!…I have a few associates that have blogs as well, I read thiers and it seems to be the same stuff. Since when do people show the process of opening a new package up, and it being the one of the same albums I previously featured on a post?…Im not into that….Especially if I have my same 6.5 (lol) people who check me out often and they seem to get a hell of alot more on thier posts…

 That brings me to the final question…What am I doing  this for? Feedback/Entertainment, or to get a few things off my chest every once in a while?

 I’ll figure it out…until then, enjoy something you probably wont see featured everywhere on the net:

Newbies, skip the “I remember this” bullshit and fast forward to about 1:47…Vets remember the lightshow in the beginning.